Personal record


Born 1838 in Munich, raised in the Tegernsee Valley in a old-stock family.
Studies at the Academy of creative Arts, Munich, drawing, painting under the guidance of Prof: Hermann Kaspar and Xaver Fuhr, History of Art under the guidance of Prof. Schmid, Basel, at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University under the guidance of Prof. Ritter von Lanz: Anatomy.
Afterwards 2 years apprenticeship master business Reinhard Huber, painting- and gilding craft, Dachau
Final journeyman-examination with honor.


Scholarship at the “Centre International de Gravure de Geneve” with Prof. Eugene Schenker
“Travel Scholarship at the Villa Massimo of the German Academy Rom”
“OBAG Prize of Cultural Achievement”

My works of Art:

Wall paintings among others.:
Assignments of the Princely Brewery Thurn and Taxis, Regensburg, several up to 79 qm
Centre of Physically Challenged Persons Munich, 38 qm
Rosenmühle, Landshut, 28 qm
Verein “Die Förderer” e.V., Landshut, 26 qm
Artistic design for a beer tent „Fete de la Bière Bavaroise“ Le Relais d’Urfé, Le Bourg, Saint Marcel d’Urfé, France

Paintings on Panels, Oil on Canvas among others.:
City Hall Riedenburg, meeting hall 28 qm
Kongress center “Kongressissimo”, Vilsbiburg
Die Agentur, Anton Kottmair, Munich

Portraits, Oil on Canvas among others.:
Prof. Björn Collinder, President of the “International Lingust-Club”, Uppsala
Franz Stadler, President of the ADAC (= German Automobile Association Club), Munich
George Bush, 41. US-President assigned by American golf club for his “Presidential Library Collection”, honored in a personal letter by the President from August 15th 1997

Exhibitions among others:

Hanau 1985
200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm 1785/86, illustrations on their fairy tales.
München 1889
European Office of Patents, approximately 70 oil-paintings. Laudation Franz Stadler, President of the ADAC.
Fürstenfeldbruck seit 1989
Klostergalerie, Susanne, Paul and Marcus Adelhoch. Regular selling exhibitions of my paintings.

Various works at art among others.:

More than 30 books illustrated – partly in color -, for various German publishers, drafts for glass windows and their workmanship, beer- and liquor tags, posters, theater programs, stage sets, drafts for WMF and china paintings for the Rosenthal company.


Villa Massimo, Rom – cold needle etchings
Centre de Gravure, Genf – lithography
German National Museum, Nürnberg – Archiv of creative Arts, literary exchange of thoughts with Anton Schreiegg, poet, one of my major conveyor; such as Prof. Dr. Hans Maier, Culture minister a.D State of Bavaria.; Josef Deimer, Lord mayor a.D. City of Landshut; Rudolf Wohlgemut, first president a.D. Verein “Die Förderer” e.V., Landshut; Fam. Prof. Schinnerer, Haimhausen; Dr. Lorenz Reithmeier Lord mayor a.D City of Dachau.
Entire graphic work on the subject „Landshuter Hochzeit“
Meyenburg-Museum, Nordhausen - All the illustrations to „Von großen und kleinen Tieren“ Funny cunning fables of Rudolf Hagelstange

Veröffentlichung in u.a.:

“Westermanns Monatshefte” Michael Neumann, publishing house Georg Westermann, Braunschweig
“Der Hofberg” Günther Dübell, publishing house Isar Post, Landshut
“Charivari” Christoph Thoma, magazine of art and culture, 15th issue
“Charivari” Peter Grassinger, magazine of art and culture, 16th issue
“Münchner Feste und die Allotria” a century of history of art Peter Grasssinger, publishing house Bayerland Dachau ISBN 3-89251-097-0
“Kunst und Antiquitäten” Susanne and Paul Adelhoch, Klostergalerie Fürstenfeldbruck, issue 11 and 12
Culture Magazine of Munich „Applaus” Tanja Friedrich, publishing house C. Hartmann GmbH, ISSN 0936-7446
“Heimat Ostbayern” Fritz Wiedemann and Christoph Thoma, Bayrischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting), publishing house Mittelbayrische Zeitung ISBN 3-927529-58-3
“Tegernseer Tal” R. Peter Bachhuber, Magazine of Culture, Landscape, History and Ethnographie, Number 135
“800 Landshut“, 800 terms to 800 year old city, Die Deutsche Bibliothek - CIP - Einheitsaufnahme, publishing house ARCOS ISBN 3-935339-10-0
“Riedenburg in den Augen der Maler” G. Halbritter, Riedenburg
„Die glorreiche Landshuter Fürstenhochzeit von 1475“, Walter Pöschl, publishing house Attenkofer ISBN 3-931091-71-6
“Schlaraffia Zeyttungen” Newspaper in honoring of their 100th anniversary, 136th issue number 5
“1000 Biere aus aller Welt” publishing house Neumann und Göbel, Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH, Köln ISBN 3-625-10351-6
Several TV-reports Bayrischer Rundfunk – for example June 4th, telecast “Zwischen Spessart und Karwendel”, diverse broadcasting reports
“Straubinger Kalender” publishing house Attenkofer, Straubing, 414th issue
„Das Christkind von St. Martin - Weihnachtsgeschichten aus Landshut“, Christopf Thoma, publishing house Attenkofer ISBN 978-3-936511-73-4
Haus der Kunst_I „Malerei - Grafik - Skulptur“, Haus der Kunst München, catalogue of the Exhibition of Art Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft
„Rudolf Hagelstange“ the writer and poet, City of Nordhausen; my encounters with Rudolf Hagelstange in the Villa Massimo in Rome - a tribute to Bernhard Kühlewein, ISBN 978-3-9812078-9-7
“Straubinger Kalender” publishing house Attenkofer, Straubing, 415th issue ISBN 978-3-936511-82-6
„Kunstwelten“, Boesner GmbH holding + innovation, 10 oil-paintings, ISBN 978-3-9280-0300-1
„Kaleidoskop in dur und moll“, Hans Posegga, biographical sketches
“Straubinger Kalender” publishing house Attenkofer, Straubing, 416th issue ISBN 978-3-942742-06-1